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Topic: FAQs


Does an Irrevocable Living Trust Need a Tax ID (EIN) Number?

The definition of an irrevocable living trust is that they are created by people when they are alive, but they are irrevocable, meaning they cannot be changed. In contrast, revocable living trusts can be changed during the trustee’s lifetime, and upon the trustee’s death, they automatically change to an irrevocable trust. All irrevocable living trusts […]


Why Revocable Living Trusts Do NOT Need an EIN Number

Revocable or living trusts offer you an opportunity to pass assets to your heirs after your death, without going through probate, and that can streamline the inheritance process and minimize legal costs for your heirs. These trusts are called revocable because you can make changes to them, and they are referred to as living trusts […]


What Is a Tax ID Number?

Starting or expanding a business is an exciting process, but when you embark on that journey, you also have to deal with a lot of paperwork and tax issues. That can be confusing, and to get through the process, you may want to find a professional to help you. If you’re like most fledgling entrepreneurs, […]


Get a Tax ID (EIN) Number for a New Business | Online Tax ID Application

As the owner of a new business, you want to make sure you hit the ground running and in full compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. If this is your first ever business, take the time to research what the appropriate steps are. As a new business owner, requirements will exist, such as applying for […]


Apply for a Church Organization Tax ID (EIN) Number | How to Apply

Running a church organization requires a lot of paperwork and a strong business acumen. When communicating with the government or with financial institutions, you may need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This special tax ID works as a unique identifier for your organization in all kinds of settings. Here is what you need to know […]


How to Shop for Payroll Services

Are you in need of payroll services? If you are an organization that has any number of employees, this is going to be an absolute yes. Shopping for payroll services, though, can be a real struggle point. You have so many options in the market and also a lot of key decisions to make. It […]


Apply for Tax ID (EIN) Number for a Sole Proprietorship | How to Apply

Do you need a Tax ID Number for a sole proprietorship? Very few sole proprietorships will never need a tax ID number, but this is rare. And if you do end up needing a federal EIN Number, you will often need it quite quickly. Here’s how you can determine whether you need one, as well […]


Apply for Personal Service Corporation Tax ID (EIN) Number | How to Apply

Incorporating your business offers a lot of benefits. Namely, you establish the business as a separate entity from yourself, which gives you protection against multiple liability issues as well as some tax benefits. Typically, the main types of corporations are C-corporations and S-corporations, but under the C-corporation umbrella, there are personal service corporations. To identify […]


Apply for Tax ID (EIN) Number for a Partnership | How to Apply Online

A partnership is a convenient business structure consisting of two or more people. You can do a 50-50 split, an 80-20 split, or whatever works based on your unique business objectives and the number of partners. In all cases, partnerships need a special federal tax ID number called an EIN. Keep reading to learn how […]


Apply for Tax ID (EIN) Number for an LLC | How to Apply

Operating your business as a limited liability company (LLC) gives you several advantages. Namely, the business exists as a separate entity from yourself legally, helping to protect your personal assets from legal or financial business liabilities. In a lot of cases, you need a special tax ID number for your LLC. Called an Employer Identification […]

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