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Apply for a Non-Profit Organization Tax ID (EIN) Number | How to Apply Online

One of the major advantages of forming a non-profit organization is that the organization doesn’t need to pay taxes. So, does a non-profit organization still need a tax ID? In fact, a non-profit organization tax ID (EIN) number is one of the first things a non-profit needs. And it isn’t difficult to get: You can […]


What is an FEIN Number? | Federal EIN (FEIN) Number Guide

There’s a lot of paperwork related to starting a business, and one of the most important things to do is file for an FEIN. If your business doesn’t have an FEIN, you will not be able to pay taxes, hire employees, open bank accounts or do many other vital tasks. Here’s everything you need to […]


What Is an IRS Form SS-4? | Federal EIN Application

A Federal EIN Application (IRS Form SS-4) is used to request a Federal Employer Identification Number. A unique number that is used by the IRS to identify a business, a FEIN should be registered early on. Both the federal government and banking institutions often use a company’s FEIN to identify it, making an FEIN a […]


IRS EIN Application | How to Apply for EIN Online

Even though your business may have been formed and registered, it’s possible that it doesn’t yet have an IRS EIN. An IRS EIN is an identification number that’s used by the IRS to track your business on a federal level. Applying for an EIN is a separate process from legally registering your business. Here’s everything […]


What Is an IRS Form 2553? | S-Corporation Election

As long as they meet certain criteria, LLCs may elect to become taxed as an S-corporation. S-corporations enjoy many of the same benefits as traditional corporations. Namely, they exist as separate entities from their owners, which creates protection against financial debts and other liabilities. However, unlike traditional corporations, S-corporations don’t pay income tax on their […]


Apply for an S-Corporation Tax ID (EIN) Number | How to Apply Online

When you start a business, you need to file all kinds of different tax forms, and to identify your business to the IRS, to banks and to a variety of other institutions, you need a tax ID number. Wondering how to get a tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN) for an S-corporation? Then, keep […]


Does a Trust Need a Tax ID (EIN) Number? | How to Apply

To protect assets and properties, setting up a revocable or irrevocable trust is often recommended. The short definition of a trust is a legal entity that is designed to take care of assets on behalf of an individual (or individuals), thereby making it possible to create a separate legal and taxable entity that holds onto […]


IRS FEIN Application | How to Apply for FEIN Online

If your business needs to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), there are a few methods you can use. An IRS FEIN is a unique identification number assigned to a business. It is used for many purposes, ranging from hiring employees to opening business bank accounts. The most expedient and convenient method of […]


Does an Estate Need a Tax ID (EIN) Number? | How to Apply

In order to administer an estate of deceased, you will first need a tax ID number. A tax ID number for an estate operates like an SSN for an individual: It makes it possible for tax services and banks to identify the entity. Without a tax ID number, there isn’t a lot you can do […]

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